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Hello and a BIG warm welcome!

I am Shantha. The one behind the camera taking you round this stunning city both as your experienced Paris photographer and personal guide. I'm the photographer for super loved up couples and sassy individuals looking to make their visit to Paris memorable. If images are more your thing than words, then please take a look through the photo gallery below and  see how I can help you capture the romance and individual style of this remarkable place and make it your own.

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tell your story beautifully with a paris photo session

Digitally or in print, images help you to relive and reminisce over stories of how you have lived, travelled the world, and celebrated each juncture of your life. Photos are tangible and can be flicked through as many times as you want for your own reflection, amusement, sharing with the ones you love and eventually something which will be passed on as an heirloom to beloved family members.

Therefore, choosing a Paris photographer whose story-telling vision is aligned to yours is paramount to having elegant, timeless and soulful photos that defy time.

Paris is a stimulating & evocative destination for beautiful photos

A well-aged city that is both poetic and charming in her architectural prowess. She has the power to induce old school romance into anyone whether that be lovers or your own good self. You have to agree that a photo session is just necessary when in Paris and I am sure that you can understand why.

Everywhere you look (literally), whether it be back streets, side streets or big boulevards, there are stone wall carvings, intricate curly wrought iron railings, cobbled stone streets and monuments - all enticing to the eyes, heart and soul. Even the lamp posts have a romanticism to them. This is one of the reasons why I turned my passion for photography into a profession when I relocated to Paris from London.

Your PARIS photo Session with me

As your Paris photographer, I can capture special snippets of your life beautifully, be it a surprise proposal, engagement, pre-wedding, intimate elopement, honeymoon, wedding anniversary celebration or a special treat for yourself.

Your Parisian photo session can be tailored according to what you have in mind. I can make suggestions or we can hatch ideas together. You can choose your own locations or leave it to me to plan for you.

Either way, I'll ensure that the process of booking and executing your Paris photo session with me feels effortless.

I hope I've resonated with you, if so, I'd love to hear from you!

Your Paris photographer, Shantha

choosing your

paris photographer

Firstly, you're captivated by the style of the Paris photographer. What should you look for when planning your international photoshoot and hiring a photographer you're not meeting beforehand, in a city you're not familiar with?

Trust. Rapport. Comfort. Communication. Feelings. These are the things we consciously or unconsciously look for in a person we would like to work with. I can toot my own horn or let my clients do it.

Hearing from others whom have had the experience of working with me makes more sense, wouldn't you agree?

Below are three ways of reading what it is like to have me as your Paris photographer, in my beloved clients own words... 


my commitment to you

I am limiting my number of bookings per week so that my caring and warm approach with you are served well and the post processing quality of your photographs are not compromised from being rushed. Working from a place of calm and joy also ensures that you have a fun and pleasant experience in your Parisian photo session with me.

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