A Paris winter engagement at the Trocadero for Emily & Ken

a paris winter engagement

Paris engagement photo session | Trocadero Eiffel Tower

emily & Ken - Jan 2018

Paris engagement photo session E&K3.jpg
Paris engagement photoshoot at Eiffel Tower E&K1.jpg
Paris engagement photo session E&K2.jpg

Emily was as sweet as she sounded on her email enquiry to me for her Paris engagement photo session. The way she wrote was warm and polite. People like her automatically draws me in and I knew instantly that we would be a good fit to make her Paris engagement photo session a fun and lovely experience for them both. 

Paris engagement photo session E&K4.jpg
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Emily and Ken turned up looking beautiful and smart with weather appropriate attire. At least they weren't going to have the shivers and goosebumps all along their Paris photo session which was a comfort to me. I am not just a Paris photographer. I do care for the welfare and comfort of my clients. Their attire is proof that you can still look great covered up with winter coats and clothings. It matches the grey and cold mood of Paris in January, with a hint of colour. Deep colours are great in matching wintry moods for portraits.

Paris engagement photo session E&K6.jpg
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Paris engagement photo session E&K12.jpg
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These photographs by the river were taken around the time of flooding in Paris. I got them down to the River Seine when the water level was slightly swimming passed the banks. They were brave to agree, resulting in such romantic movie like portraits. 

It was truly a pleasure to be Emily and Ken's Paris photographer. From chit chatting to posing where they would just naturally make it their own, made their connection to each other so easy to capture.

Paris engagement photo session E&K10.jpg
Paris engagement photo session E&K11.jpg

Here's what they had to say about their Paris engagement photo session with me:

My fiancé and I had a wonderful experience with Shantha for our engagement photo session in front of the Eiffel Tower. We came across her online portfolio after doing some research for Paris photographers and we’re so glad we did. She was professional and helpful from the start, by providing us with all of the necessary information to prepare for a great shoot! Shantha spent more time with us than we had anticipated, just to make sure we had options of poses and various settings for the pics, which we truly appreciated. The results of the photos are beautiful and we're thankful to have these memories captured for our engagement and first time in Paris! :)

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