A Summer Engagement at the Eiffel Tower in Paris

A Summer Engagement in Paris | Eiffel Tower | Rachel & Jordan - Sept 2015 |

Rachel and Jordan got engaged at the gardens of Versailles (beautiful place for an engagement proposal in the summer) and wanted to a mini session to have a couple of photos to happily announce their engagement to family and friends before they leave Paris.

They brought a bottle of champagne and made their own sign boards which says "Elle a dit Oui!". They were courteous and sweetly asked if they could use them as fun props during their photoshoot. Bien sur OUI!!!! They needed very little guidance from me and went with the flow of their photoshoot with much laughter and fun.  As a result, they got more than one or two great engagement photos out of a mini 30 minute engagement photo session. There were so much of their jovial personalities to capture in this short space of time!

Rachel then emailed me afterwards to say that she had great response from her engagement photos which she had posted on Instagram. Thumbs up. Everyone's happy!