A Summer Honeymoon at the Pont de Bir Hakeim in Paris

A Summer Honeymoon in Paris | Pont de Bir Hakeim | Ismahaan & Alex - Aug 2015 |

Ismahaan is from Somalia and Alex from England. They met at a mutual friend's party in Amsterdam. Got married in Mauritius and came to Paris for their second leg of honeymoon before heading home to.......Amsterdam!

I remember it to be a warm summer's evening. I went to the Pont de Bir Hakeim early to check out where the light was falling and if it was crowded. You see, I was doing a photo shoot at this location for the very first time and this couple was either my third or fourth client since starting couples photography. I was nervous! I even went to scope out this place the day before at the same session time to get acquainted and comfortable with the spots I envisioned to photograph them in. I visualised that this honeymoon photo session is going to go well.

It did! Alex and Ismahaan were both lovely and relaxed, just flown in from the Mauritius after their wedding and some honeymooning there.

They're a beautiful couple and so easy to work with that my nervousness quickly passed. I remembered to breathe in and out deeply which also helped! They needed little guidance, falling into the posses naturally.