In Person

 Photo by : Richard Bulenzi

Photo by : Richard Bulenzi

Photography has no inhibitions when it comes to entering my mind. Ideas for new images, edits and subjects come predictably at the time when I'm just about conscious but not quite awake yet. They swirl around my head until all neurons are switched on. Then *PING!* my eyes are wide open, I roll over my husband and bounce out of bed. I have a new photography quest for the day.

Frequency? Everyday, because I love the act of taking pictures and turning them into something meaningful.

I decided to give photography a prominent place in my life in October 2014, after recovering from an accident. I have never been more thrilled with any other career decisions!

My name is Shantha. I am Malaysian residing in fabulous Paris. I took up photography four years ago when my husband presented me with a DSLR and signed me up to a few courses in London.

I aspire to make beautiful pictures. Pictures that move, captivate and evoke emotions, reactions and tell stories. Pictures that entice and entrance. Pictures that ignite desires. Pictures that spark debates. Why not?

'A room hung with pictures is a room hung with thoughts' - Sir Joshua Reynolds