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Hello! Greetings from Paris.

I am Shantha,  blessed mama to little Xia and a happy wife to Gael. They are my heartbeats, my sunny spots (@mysunnyspots)

I left my contented corporate job and life of twenty three years in London to follow my husband to Paris for his promising career opportunity four years ago. He often teases me that I am more English than Malaysian having lived in London for that long.  Plus I love tea time!!

During my first year in Paris, I've had ample of time to soul search for what I wanted to do with this new chapter of life. Each time I asked myself what I'd love to do, my passion for photography raced to the surface. The feeling of it was vivid, energetic and vibrant.

My husband supported my desire to be a Paris photographer and has since been my number one fan! It's been a self learning and discovery journey, which I don't think will ever end. 

Laughter is the best medicine and I seek a life filled with love, joy, peace and really, lots of laughter! Ok, I confess. I also seek a life filled copious cups to Marriage Freres teas accompanied by the bursting flavours of deep rich chocolate and distinguished note of the passionfruit in Pierre Hermes' Mogodar macaroons (a must when you visit Paris), Char Siu Buns, Malaysian Fish Head Curry. All these taste better when shared with family and friends.

I am a sucker for cute animations and love reading kawaii mangas in french, a nice way to ease myself into learning what some might say "the language of love". But really, I think I am still catching up on my childhood. My baby girl gives me valid reasons to visit the toy store often, even if just to "browse".

I am aiming to have a life soaked in amazing travel adventures. Especially ones which I can connect back with nature and wild life.

I hope to meet you in person and would be honoured to creatively document your precious snippets of life too!

Shantha x