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The Journal Times

Katerina Mina

My camera's in love with Katerina. Admittedly, so was I. The way she played and teased with us....Oh MY!!!!

I knew I was letting myself in for a challenge when I went to photograph Katerina: I was going to photograph a photographer's daughter.  Will I meet her expectations? Will she be openly comparing me to her beloved photographer father?

I pushed the door into her cosy London apartment, greeted by gorgeous performance gowns hung up in order of preference, lined up killer heels and accessories layed out neatly in the guest bedroom. It was a feast to the eyes, like browsing a high end boutique.

She appeared with the warmest of smiles. Is my make up too strong? She peeped. Nooooooo. She was just enchanting.

She handed me the creative reigns immediately. She followed my instructions with no qualms. My goodness!!! She was an utter joy and pleasure to work with.

Katerina sings and plays the piano in such a way that draws musicality out of you, even when you think you don't have one. You will savour the sound of every note sung and played even when it's a basic one octave C major. What an amazing opera singer!

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I look forward to photographing Katerina again, this time outdoors, so watch the space!