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The Journal Times

Madalina Ignat


Madalina is a sunny side up kind of a person., even on a day when the sun stood us up. Nothing was going to deter the bubbliness from popping out of her. She was up for the photo shoot regardless.

Heads do a double turn upon spotting her.  Pretty and attractive, Madalina is modestly nonchalant to all the attention she gets.

I wanted to play with natural light and shadow beams for this particular shoot with her. However, without sunshine, I had to come up with an alternative theme.

So what happened next was based on impromptu ideas and materials I had at home. This birthed two different themes: the 80's disco and tsar princess.

Pieces of coloured tuiles, clothes pegs and safety pins made up the wardrobe. She even let me dabble with her make-up and hair despite that I am a no expert in these genres! 

Madalina went along with my flow with such enthusiasm that made my work seem a breeze. We both love the results!

Follow her on Instagram : ignat_madalina