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The Journal Times

Annemette Kaersgaard

At a tender age of 19, Annemette has already cultivated a confident personality and vintage style. She was going to be a mad scientist having aced her A-levels in Math, Physics and Chemistry. Fate dealt her a different card when she attended an open day at a fashion school which subsequently prompted her towards fashion designing.

Even if she stayed on the mad scientist path, I'm sure she could turn the lab coat into something chic and a wardrobe staple. Of course, showcasing it in her very own style blog at

We had planned for an outdoor shoot which happened to fall on a super cold December morning. Amazingly, she was game come what may. Changing outfits in public and the cold appears reasonable and undemanding for her.

We also had great company in the form of Zhenzhen, our Little Miss Sunshine for the shoot. She initially came along just for fun but ended up being our precious assistant. 10 stars to her for being the coat handler for Annemette whenever there's a pause in between shoots! Her cheerful disposition made our day so much more enjoyable.

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