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The Journal Times

Paula Paduroiu

The shoot took place just after Christmas. We were counting on those Christmasy huts with the never ending  flow of hot malt wine to warm us up but they were nowhere to be seen. So Paula suggested an indoor shoot at her apartment instead, with generous helpings of Ferrero Rochers and cups of camomile tea. Who could say no? Certainly not me!

Paula has a typical Parisian floor to ceiling windows apartment. Brilliant natural light streamed in that morning. I was happy. Her apartment also offered different facets which I could use to place her to create a variety of looks. She had simple wardrobe changes which gave us more shooting time. We worked efficiently together moving furniture around to accommodate the shoot.

I am a sucker for all things retro. I wasn't going to leave until I got shots with her old Singer sewing machine. It was well worth the heavy lifting! After all, shouldn't every fashion designer possess a sewing machine to look legit?! Coco Chanel had one.

Paula is a contributor to the style section of Expatriates Magazine Paris and the owner of the Velvet Paris label