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The Journal Times

Iron man and the boys

I plonked myself down in the midst of the lads on each occasion as if we were pals, with a big smile and a hearty 'BONJOUR'!  They are good boys. Warm and friendly, they beamed when I showed them their crystalized actions on my camera. I learned that some of them are at competition level.

I also noticed that their friendship is bound not only by the love for the sport but also mutual respect, trust, encouragement and the willingness to teach each other patiently. They look out for one another.  It was a great feeling being amongst them even for a short while.

After a year of living in Paris, I still marvel and gasp at the tall, dark and handsome Eiffel Tower whenever it comes to sight. I then whisper a 'thank you God' in my heart for my wish come true.  A wish made almost 20 years ago to live in Paris.

I packed my camera with the intention of strolling around the iconic structure after my meetings near the Trocadero last week. I got more than I anticipated.

I was captivated by very talented roller bladders and skate boarders, whizzing about at bolting speed, flipping and jumping right in front of the Eiffel Tower.  Naturally, I had to join in on the action. My part was photographing the boys – the one made out of iron and the others, flesh and bones.