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The Journal Times

Nyuszi Boros

Nyuszi and I date back nearly 10 years. We met at a dance class. She is not a woman of many words. It was our mutual love for ballet that brought us together. Whilst she gracefully pirouetted onto pointe class, I had to plead with our teacher to advance onto pointe. Week in, week out, he would say ‘you’re not ready!’ as I appealed to him. Oh, but I am, for it was the mental strength and will power that would get me through rather than technical readiness. I can perfect my turn outs in class.  After all, that’s what teachers are for! Exasperated, Jean-Pascal our teacher caved in to my tireless pleas. Injuries at own risk, I was warned. I “jeté sauté’d” gleefully to pointe class to join Nyuszi. One of the rules of success in life : never give up!

This photoshoot took place at London’s King’s Cross station and Nyuszi’s home in…er...out in the sticks.

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The snooze button had an abusive morning. 15 minutes to shower, eat cookies and down the milk before the cab arrives to take me to North London. Whose idea was it to start at 6am? I blame it on the make-up artist, Sammm! ( She had booked a workshop on the same weekend of our shoot. Nevertheless she was kind enough to fit Nyuszi into her busy schedule.

Sammm is a morning bird. She went about her business happily like a pro and belted out Edith Piaf’s tunes with the most eloquent French accent I’ve ever heard from a non-French. For a 6am start, she had very good humour.