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John Galliano FW 15 | Fashion Show | Paris Fashion Week

I never knew red and purple colours could rock the city look so sleekly until John Galliano’s FW15 show, designed by Bill Gaytten.  Gaytten’s high octane collection consisted of superb tailoring, strong colour series, art deco prints and easy silhouettes.  Each ensemble can simply slide into a city girl’s wardrobe like those nemerous little black dresses.

Anchor the look down with a pair of flat boots or bottines as shown and your struts will be as confident as those on the catwalk.  I’m a queen of flats, so this is definitely a sartorial win for me.

The koi carp series captured my heart. Probably because it appeals to my Chinese roots and culture where this fish has a powerful and energetic life force given its ability to swim against currents and travel upstream. It symbolizes lessons and trials individuals often encounter in life. It is also popularly associated with feng shui for prosperity, success, ambition and perseverance to name a few.

I’ve digressed. Oops.

I have a well cut purple coat and a red cashmere scarf screaming at me whenever I survey for something colourful to wear.  Perhaps one day I will wear them together. Thanks John and Bill for the inspiration.

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