An Autumn Engagement at the Jardin du Luxembourg in Paris - Katerina and Edouard

An autumn Paris photoshoot for an engagement at Jardin du Luxembourg by Paris Photographer Shantha Delaunay


an autumn paris engagement

Paris Engagement photo session | Jardin Du Luxembourg

 Katerina & Edouard - Nov 2016

Featured on the The Award Winning French Wedding Style here

For them, it was the french language that broke down the barriers to love. Having her heart set for Paris, this pretty Latvian found a french native speaker through the couch surfing site to practice French with, in preparation to her move to France from London. Their frequent language practice sessions grew into a keen liaison and three and a half years on, they are engaged to be married! So Paris became their city of love and life along with French, their language of love.

They are drawn to the nature and spend most free time walking in forests, along the seaside, so their Paris engagement photo session at the Jardin du Luxembourg was just perfect for them. The autumn colours and the smell of damp earth that morning stirred our senses and brought us back to a basic appreciation of the simple and free things around us, here in the heart of Paris! It made us think that we were far from the hustle and bustle of the city.  It is no surprise then that Edouard decided to propose by the coast of Normandy whilst away on a romantic weekend, with a bottle of champagne to celebrate afterwards!

Edouard and Katerina's personas exuded fun and they portrayed their deep love for each other so easily. Photographing them was a pleasure. The results are a mixed of spontaneous and romantic portraits for their engagement album in Paris.

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