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Paris photographer Shantha offers beautiful photo sessions for your proposal, engagement, pre-wedding, elopement, honeymoon, family and individuals portraits

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Hello and a BIG warm welcome!

I am Shantha. The one who would be behind the camera, taking you around Paris, being the best Paris photographer as I can be for you. I'm a photographer for super loved up couples and sassy individuals visiting Paris. If images are your thing more than words, then scroll right down to see my portfolio under Paris photo session by category.

"THe chief danger about paris is that it is such a strong stimulant” – T S Elliot

A well aged city that is both poetic and charming in her architecture prowess. She has the power to induce old school romance into anyone. Lovers, even your own good self. You'd have to agree that a photo session is just necessary when in Paris. I'm sure that you can understand why. Everywhere you look and go (literally), back streets, side streets, big boulevards, there's stone wall carvings, pretty curly wrought iron railings, cobbled stone streets and monuments - all enticing to the eyes, heart and soul. Even the lamp posts have romantic vibes to them. This is one of the reasons why I turned my passion for photography into a professional Paris photographer when relocated to Paris from London.

tell your story with a paris photo session

Digitally or in print, you have a place to go back to, to relive story points of how you have lived, travelled the world, celebrated each juncture of your life. Photos are tangible and can be flicked through as many times as you want for your own reflection, amusement, to share with your loved ones and eventually passed on as an heirloom to those yet unborn.

Therefore, choosing a Paris photographer whose story telling vision is aligned to yours is paramount to having elegant, timeless and soulful photos that defy time.

Your PARIS photo Session with me

As your Paris photographer, I can capture special snippets of your life beautifully, be it a surprise proposal, an engagement, a pre-wedding, an intimate elopement, your honeymoon or celebrating your wedding anniversary or a loving treat for yourself.

Your Paris photo session can be tailored according to what you have in mind. I can give you suggestions or we can hatch up ideas together. You can choose your own locations or you can leave it to me to plan for you. Either way, I'll ensure that the process of booking and executing your Paris photo session with me feels seamless. 

Please proceed below to browse my couple and individual photography work in Paris and if they resonate with you, I would love to hear from you.

Your Paris photographer, Shantha

Paris Photo Session by category

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