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Will you marry me? Being proposed to at the Trocadero | April 2018 |

It was an April fool’s trick to get Johana to dress nicely on the Easter Sunday of 2018. Mike had told her that they were going to mass at the Notre Dame after a quick stop at the Trocadero for the morning view of the magnificent Eiffel Tower. So they needed to be respectful with their dressing for church afterwards.

Paris surprise proposal at the Eiffel Tower for Mike & Johana-3.jpg

Clever man. He had something up his sleeves that morning which was no April fool’s trick. He would go down on one knee with the world most renown symbol of love in the background, asking Johana’s hand in marriage.

Paris surprise porposal photo session for Mike & Johana-5.jpg

So shocked and surprised by his grand gesture, Johana could hardly speak. He had to ask twice “will you marry me"?” before it all started to make sense to her. And then he had to ask her to let go of his hand that she was tightly holding, so that he can slip the ring onto her finger. This is what they said when asked what was the surprise proposal experience like, not the photography experience, but their moment together during the proposal?

Mike: “It was definitely one of the biggest moments of my life and certainly one of the most relieving moments feeling like a huge weight had been lifted off of my shoulders, from keeping it a secret and planning the whole thing out.”

Johana: “It was one of the happiest moments of my life. I had no idea he was going to propose, I thought we were just dressing up for Easter mass held at the Notre Dame. When he got on one knee, I just went into complete shock to the point that he had to ask me twice to marry him. Then he had to ask for my hand because I was not letting go of his other hand. I was so embarrassed!”

Mike had meticulously planned this surprise proposal in Paris with me a couple of months before their arrival, right down to the customised macaroon ring box, engraved with “Marry me?” on the inside and Johana’s name on the top. He even went to the extend of telling me that the “h” in Johana’s name is silent and she does not like it being pronounced. When a man takes care of little details like that even after 4 years into a relationship, you know that there is deep love and respect for this lady in his life.

There was a romantic pink hue streaming through the sky that morning, boosting the ambiance with a bit more magic. Here are the beautiful photographs telling the surprise proposal story of Mike and Johana in Paris. If you are curious as to who they are, and what they are like, their love story is also further along.

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Mike and Johana first met on Labor day in September 2014 at Atlantic City. Both were attending the Steve Aoki concert. Whilst passing each other on the stairs, Mike gave Johana a compliment on how nice she looked. It happened quickly and he disappeared into the crowd. It was difficult to identify him later as he was wearing a hat and sunglasses.

Three months later, fate decided that they meet through a dating website. Unbeknownst to each other that they had briefly met a little while ago, it all came about when Johana sent Mike a picture of herself at the concert a few months into their courtship. He then realised that it was her that he had paid the compliment to. He said that he remembered talking to her because she was the only girl wearing an all white outfit. Thinking that he was joking, she quizzed him on the exact place that he had talked to her and what her reply was. He recounted every detail of their short encounter, which added more amazement to how they are truly meant to be together.

Fittingly, their favourite love quote is ”We’re Simply Meant To Be!” from the Nightmare Before Christmas movie between Jack Skellington & Sally.

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One of the things that Johana loves most about Mike is his willingness to go out of his way to help people. I guess his helpful nature comes from being a fireman. When talking to him, I can sense how passionate and professional he is for his job.

Mike loves surprising Johana with her favourite coffee and frequent hand written cards of how much he loves her. Those are the best kind of gifts as they are messages from the heart and not forced by any holiday or reason. He is always delighted when Johana presents him with pancakes on weekends to satisfy his sweet tooth.

Together, they share a love for travel, experiencing new foods, sights and culture besides the city life of going to the gym together, attending concerts. Most of all, they love spending time with their families. That is their first and foremost priority.

They literally can read each other minds and can finish each other’s sentences. One of them always says what the other is thinking or they both say the same thing simultaneously. They find it pretty funny and creepy at the same time.

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However perfect a relationship may seem, there are surely quirks and peculiarities in each that drives the other one nuts. Here’s what they revealed:

Mike: She hates when I hang my jacket or coat on the back of a chair rather than hanging it up. Yet I could not stand (but now find it hilarious) that she will literally have a water bottle in each room and ALL without a cap, so I never have a problem remembering which one is mine! (laughs)

Johana: One thing that drives me nuts is when he tells me what to do while I drive. So I just lethim drive now to avoid problems and I have to admit he is a better driver than me.

Despite those, they are fundamentally in sync when they expressed thoughts what makes a great relationship. The mutual level of love, care, respect, but ultimately their friendship. Being absolute best friends, being able to confide in one another no matter what. Being able to compromise is key and without that every relationship will eventually fail.

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Mike and Johana’s motto in life is to “Stay Positive.” No matter what the situation or scenario is in life, they firmly believe that if you maintain and keep a positive mindset and outlook, then good things will happen or eventually come. It is very easy to point out the bad and negative in things throughout life, but everything happens for a reason and sometimes what once might have seemed like the worst moment, really was a blessing in disguise only to later look back at it in a completely different light and be ever-so-grateful!

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"Nobody is perfect, but we both agree that both inside and out, we are exactly what one another had always hoped and dreamt for. We both try our best to make each other happy". - Mike & Johana

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They have chosen April 2019 to be their wedding month, ripe for the cherry blossom season which Johana loves. Here’s some fun facts about their ceremony location.

There wedding will be held at the Cathedral Basilica of the Sacred Heart located within Branch Brook Park in New Jersey. It is the fifth-largest Cathedral in all of North America and is of French Gothic Revival style. The park is the very first county park in the entire United States (Essex County). This park also orchards the most abundant amount of Japanese Cherry Blossom trees in one area within the United States with over 5,000 trees and 18 varieties. It is dubbed the “Cherryblossomland” (even more than in Washington D.C. the US Capitol city, which is falsely known as being the largest!)

I hope you have enjoyed this album and the story of these two amazing souls. If you would like your surprise proposal documented beautifully like theirs, please do get in touch and we can get planning!