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Reviews for Paris photographer Shantha 2019

Reviews and kind words for Paris photographer Shantha 2019


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Paris surprise Proposal for Joshua & Keisa  31st August 2019-1.jpg

We visited Paris at the end of August 2019 for a short 4 day trip as a couple. I planned the trip as a vacation for us to have time together visiting a magical city. I also planned a surprise proposal. I began searching for a Paris Photographer online. After searching and sending a few emails to photographers, Shantha was recommended by another photographer. I can't thank Shantha and the other photographer enough. Shantha made the stressful, anxious and complex planning process as simple as it could be. She gave detailed suggestions and guidance to help ensure that our moment was magical.

We have both commented on how pleasurable the experience was, even prior to seeing the amazing outcome.

The photos arrived today and we are even more pleased, thanks to the amazing work done by Shantha!
Thank You Shantha!!

Joshua Dreesen, August 2019

Paris individual photoshoot

My family and I wanted to get our pictures taken while we were in Paris and we came across such an AMAZING woman, mother, and Paris photographer - Shantha Delaunay. We could not have asked for better pictures and we were very pleased to work with such a sweet and talented woman! She promptly replied to each of my emails and questions and was very informative as well. We even knew the exact place to meet because she had pinpointed the location on a picture! I usually don't write reviews, but she did a truly outstanding job!

Francesca Massey, July 2019

Paris family photoshoot for Sanaz 28 July 2019-21.jpg

Paris family photoshoot

We used Paris Photographer for our family photos and we are very pleased with Shantha's work. It's not easy taking pictures of our little ones but she was able to capture the moment wonderfully. The pictures turned out AMAZING and I would highly recommend using her!!

Anna Soltani, July 2019

What a wonderful Paris photographer. This is my second time using her in Paris and she always does great work. Directions/instructions are very clear and precise, Shantha makes sure to give you what it is you want. This time I was with my parents (who require a bit more patience) but Shantha was great, pleasant, and so easy to work with. The pictures came out amazing!

Lauren White, June 2019

Shantha is an absolute angel to work with. She was so helpful and cooperative with my sister when setting up my surprise proposal. She was very subtle and blended in so well that I honestly never suspected a thing! Once we started shooting, she was such a sweetheart and so much fun to work with! She kept making us laugh and made sure we were comfortable throughout the whole thing. She was very considerate of our time and made sure we were being efficient with getting a variety and abundance of shots. Every single photo came out amazing. All our friends and family are in love with the results. She did such an excellent job capturing all our emotions. Shantha is such a genuine and talented person, I cannot highly recommend her enough!!! Thank you so much for making our experience so delightful. Wish you could shoot our wedding in the States!

Shelly Rodriquez, June 2019

Shantha did such an amazing job on my sister's surprise proposal! She was so responsive, helpful, and super talented. She was able to talk through every pose with my sister and her new fiance and we enjoyed laughing and joking with her through the entire shoot. She provided us with detailed maps and instructions to meet her prior to the proposal so we could easily find her and make sure everyone was in the right placement to get the perfect photos without my sister suspecting a thing.

The pictures came out gorgeously, we could not be happier with the end results. I cannot recommend her highly enough to anyone seeking a Paris Photographer for any occasion.

Kayla Starbuck, June 2019


Shantha is an absolute rock star!

My husband and I met Shantha during our engagement photo shoot and she made it a fantastic experience - the quality of the photos was great and she managed to grasp the moments. We decided to invite Shantha to be part of the photography team and shoot our wedding.

Shantha is very professional, punctual, flexible and reliable, treating the customer with care and respect. The images were very beautiful and sensual, she grasped the mood at the wedding and captured all the key moments down to the tiniest detail - her signature is definitely catching the emotions!

Moreover, Shantha's fun personality contributed to a great and positive atmosphere! 

Overall, Shantha's work exceeded our expectations, we were very happy with the service and the final product, and we were delighted to have her as our photographer! She helped us make an unforgettable worry-free wedding day! A heartfelt Thank You from us, we will see you again! 

— Desi & Adrien, Nov 21, 2016

Hi Shantha! Oh my goodness, thank you so much!!! They are beautiful!

— ALLIE & NATE, NOV 10, 2015

Hi Shantha,

The pictures are beautiful and amazing. We love them.  We want to thank you sooo much for capturing this special moment for us.  I will highly recommend you to anyone else who is interested in photographing their events. Do you have a website I can write a positive review for you?

"You captured us in great moments even with the tough weather! I also thought that you were well prepared and accommodating.  For example, you brought Tsubomi the portable pop up for changing clothes.  

I would absolutely recommend your service to friends and family. I would say that they will be guaranteed great photos at a great price and tons of fun taking the photo."

— Doan Chau, FeB 3, 2016


I am so so happy of these pictures. For one hour, I have been watching them all the time! You are a great photographer and we can see your talent trough these pictures. (Maybe We will contact you for our wedding in few years haha!)

— anne-sophie samaké, NOV 29, 2015

Hi Shantha,

We LOVE the pictures ! We would like to send you a little thank you but would need a shipping adress. Nothing big but our way of saying thank you for capturing these moments.

Thank you again and we will definitely recommend you.

— julie st-Germain, oct 29, 2015

Hello Shantha,

We loved our photos, thank you so much for getting them to us! They were beautiful. We are looking forward to framing some for home- we adored the Cafe ones too!

Many, many thanks!!!!!

— Marianne sourial, Nov 13, 2015

We enjoyed the pictures and we found the quality very high. We really love the couple shots especially the walking ones.

— ALEX & ISMAHAAN, OCT 3, 2015

My friends were very impressed by the photoshoot  and some even said that we looked like we did the shoot for Korean drama. 

I really love Shantha's photography style - it gives out the romantic Parisian feel. 

 I did not even have to recommend Shantha to my friends. My friends who planned to go to Paris asked for my photographer's contact right after seeing my photos.  

I was highly recommended to Shantha by another Paris photographer. Shantha was very professional, she was taking a risk (just recovering from a surgery), and with a lot of physical pain. She was still able to capture many beautiful moments in pictures. My husband and I were so thankful for her great service!

"We love the photos. Words can not express how much we appreciate you did the photoshoot for us."

— Ace & Chew, Jan 28, 2016

Dear Shantha,

Thank you for the really lovely pictures, we love the composition and poses!

— Veronika Lanka, SEPT 5, 2015








We booked Shanta to shoot our wedding this summer at the Shangri-La Hotel in Paris. She reached out in advance to ask questions about our relationship and to discuss what we wanted as related to photography. She was very professional and arrived on time on the big day (which was already an accomplishment as there was a major parade in Paris that day which created massive traffic delays throughout the city). In the time before the ceremony, as we scrambled around with guests and last minute details, Shanta took the initiative to shoot a bunch of shots around the venue (including our rings, cake, programs, parents, etc). She gave good direction to help with our poses and worked well with the videographer we hired separately. Throughout the day she maintained a very professional and pleasant demeanor. In the end, the photos turned out GREAT and we were really impressed by the fact that Shanta gave us more shots than we'd contracted her for. Throughout the process she was very responsive to our email inquiries and requests. We'd HIGHLY recommend Shanta for your wedding, vow renewal or any special event in Paris.

— Lamar Johnson, Jun 24, 2017

For 20 years I had been dreaming of traveling to Paris and decided to commemorate the trip by hiring a photographer. From start to finish Shantha was amazing. She and I talked beforehand about my vision (which was Audry Hepburn meets Paris), the locations that would be beautiful backdrops, and the clothing and props I would want to bring. I had such a good experience planning with her which could have been scary considering I was planning it from the USA. Shantha made it fun and easy. The day of the shoot came and it was everything I hoped it would be and then some. I now have the best souvenirs to show of a city I love and memories I will never forget. I would highly recommend her to anyone looking for a fun, beautiful, and professional photoshoot in Paris. You will be so happy you did!

— stella pigago, Aug 15, 2017

It has been such a pleasure working with Shantha, for our 10 year wedding anniversary photoshoot. My husband and I had such a great experience, her recommendations, creativity, and efficiency is a 10++. Her communication from beginning to end is very thorough and she answered all of our questions very quickly. I loved working with her.  Our photo session was at 6am, which was a bit of a struggle to wake up, but well worth it. The final product of our photos was outstanding no people in the background and the lighting was great. I highly recommend Shantha for any special moments you want to make last forever! Thank you again Shantha we had so much fun and our pictures turned out perfect!

— Adriana TEJEDA, Aug 21, 2017

We booked Shantha upon a friend's recommendation and we were extremely happy with her work. Shantha is very passionate, patient and brings the best out of you. Though the shoot was scheduled for one hour, she went well over the time to ensure a variety of poses were captured. Overall, we highly recommend Shantha to anyone looking for a photoshoot.

— syam sunder, Aug 30, 2017

Shantha was excellent working with our family, which included a 5 and 8 year old who woke up extra early for a photo shoot. Our kids quickly warmed up to her and we were very happy with our photos. Highly recommended.

— ryan marth, Aug 05, 2017

Shantha was a pleasure to work with. She shot our engagement photos while visiting Paris and did a wonderful job. She took us to the perfect spots all with beautiful views. We've gotten so many compliments on our Paris shots already. I really liked how she took us to numerous close by locations to add variety. Highly recommend working with her. :)

— brooke schafer, jun 02, 2017

Thank you Shantha! Sunny and I love the pictures and have had such a tough time deciding which ones to use! Thank you for working with our tight schedule and for your guidance/patience throughout the process from location recommendations to the extra time to get warm! Such amazing work and great memories for us! 

— sunny & Kavita, FEB 11, 2017

Dear Shantha,
At last we have these pictures and we can't put it in words how wonderful they are.
You're a super super great photographer, very creative, imaginative. Your great ideas and poses were fun. We felt so comfortable and now we hold these pictures in our hands and still can not believe it.
I hope we will see each other again. 
We will definitely book again a photoshoot with you.  It is worth it.  Thank you again for everything.  For your effort and for your fast work. Keep going so Shantha. I love it. 

— Christina & Corc, May 09, 2017

Hi Shantha,

Thank you so much for capturing such beautiful images for us.  We love them and are so happy with the way they turned out! It was truly a pleasure to work with you.  The kids had a blast and they said you were so nice.

— Antonia chung, Jul 11, 2017

Hellooooo darling 

Thank you so much. It will always be one of our best moments that you have captured, we love them All very much!!!

— reem al-falahi, Oct 17, 2015