A Winter Engagement Photoshoot at the Eiffel Tower and River Seine in Paris - Angel and Aaron

A romantic Paris photoshoot for an engagement session at the Eiffel Tower and River Seine by Paris Photographer Shantha Delaunay


a paris winter engagement 

Paris Engagement photo session | Eiffel Tower River seine

Angel & Aaron - Dec 2016

Angel and Aaron knows the value of their love and what they mean to each other; that's why they made it a commitment to meet at every weekend wherever their jobs have taken them in Europe for a year now and counting. They met during a conference in the same company but have always worked in separate offices all over Europe but never in the same country at any point. 

What she thought to be her Christmas present turned out to be an engagement ring on Christmas Day! Imagine the surprise, joy and tears!

It is appropriate indeed to pick Paris, the city of love, to celebrate and document this special moment of their engagement period with a Paris photo session. This would be the start of the many precious heirlooms they would create together.

My favourite of their entire album are the ones by the River Seine at Pont d'Iéna because they look like being photographed in the 1940s with a story line of far away love rekindled at last...

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